With an elegant shape that molds beautifully to any wall, and a revolutionary speaker system and a touch, the N2 offers a grand piano experience for small spaces.

The Grand Piano You Can Play Anywhere, Anytime

With the same action used in Yamaha's celebrated concert grand pianos, the AvantGrand series features outstanding power and playability combined with cutting-edge technology to give you a grand piano experience at any volume.

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When you purchase from Keyboard Concepts, Southern California’s authorized Yamaha dealer, you have the reassurance that Yamaha experts are standing by with hands-on local support and a promise of extremely competitive pricing. Plus, you’ll enjoy: 

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• 5-Year Warranty

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Optional White Glove Delivery within 150 miles of Keyboard Concepts. Your AvantGrand N2 will be delivered, set up in the room you choose, made ready to play perfectly; bench assembly, shipping crate and packing disposal included

Truly Expressive Piano Sound

In the AvantGrand N2, Yamaha gives you the choice of two world-class grand pianos in one. Simply touch a button for authentic sounds sampled either from a Yamaha CFX concert grand or from a Bösendorfer Imperial.

Yamaha’s flagship grand piano, the majestic CFX, offers a wide palette of tonal colors from sparkling high notes to powerful bass tones. The Bösendorfer Imperial is famous the world over for its sonorous and rich Viennese sound.

Along with these superb grand piano voices, the N2 also gives you two electric piano voices and a harpsichord voice.

Grand Piano Action With Wooden Keys

The AvantGrand N2 features a specially developed action with the same configuration as the action of a real grand piano. Hammers strike the “strings” from underneath, allowing minute adjustments to the weight distribution and the movement of the hammers for an authentic feel while playing. In addition to a hammer sensor, a non-contact key sensor gives precise recognition of pressure on the keyboard, timing, and the other nuances that are part of musical expression. And because the resonance of a real acoustic piano can be felt through your fingers, Yamaha added its Tactile Response System, a vibration-feedback system that feels just like an actual grand.

Spatial Acoustic Sampling And Speaker System

Yamaha ignited a revolution to sampling recording and playback of the notes of the actual acoustic piano with the introduction of the AvantGrand. Yamaha took samples at four positions: the optimum center and rear locations in addition to the left and right. The result is the perfect capturing of grand piano sound.

Bringing these rich sounds to the ear is a four-channel, multi-speaker system that accurately reproduces the natural resonance of the soundboard. Each set of speakers has a dedicated amplifier: two 80-watt amps and ten 22-watt amps, and all are optimally placed for the cabinet size.

Technology Adds To The Experience

Besides the two headphone outputs, the N2 features Midi in/out, stereo auxiliary in/out, plus USB to device and host that allows you to use the built-in audio recorder to get the most out of your practices by recording them to USB memory.

You Have The Apps

Yamaha offers a wide variety of apps to further enhance your musical enjoyment that your N2 can access. These are some of the most popular apps, but we have many more available.


Visual Performer

MusicSoft Manager

My Music Recorder


Piano Diary

Visual Performer, and many, many more.


Polished Ebony

Width: 57-15/16”

Height: 39-3/4" With music rest: 46-1/2”

Depth: 20-7/8"
Weight: 313 lbs, 1 oz

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Yamaha AvantGrand N2

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